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Record Restriction



Angel Daniel is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. She has lived and worked here her entire life. Her early adult years were spent developing an interest in assisting others by pursuing a career in Criminal Justice.

May 2010, Angela Daniels retired from the Dekalb County Sheriff's Office in Georgia after serving for 25 years. She worked as a Primary Terminal Agency Coordinator working closely with Expungement / Record Restriction and Criminal Background Records. Ms. Daniel also managed Record Retention Information for the entire department and obtained a General Instructor’s Certification October 2008.  

September 2012, Angela launched A&D Consultant Services which provides a service that will assist eligible individuals in the inspection, purging, modifying or supplementing of existing criminal records. This is beneficial by making it possible for clients to obtain employment, housing, education, and certain business ventures that will otherwise not be obtainable with a criminal record.



Record Restriction

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